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Wing Chun Illustrated is a magazine from multiple lineages, well worth checking out their deals on back issues. They recently updated their website to include a list of highlights:

Alex Richter: Out of Wing Tsun’s Shadows. By Kenton Sefcik. Issue #18, 2014.
Carson Lau: Passing the Torch. By Peter Tung. Issue #22, 2015.
David Peterson: The Blueprint of WSL Ving Tsun. By Eric Lilleør. Issue #4, 2012.
Emin Boztepe: Pulls no Punches. By Kenton Sefcik. Issue #2, 2011.
Eric Oram: The Man Behind the Iron Mask. By Jack Ratana & Eric Lilleør. Issue #6, 2012.
Garry Mckenzie: Taking Away What Isn’t Useful. By Kleber Battaglia. Issue #5, 2012.
Gary Lam: A Wing Chun Challenge Fighter. By Gregory E. LeBlanc & Rayan Lam. Issue #9, 2012.
Gregory LeBlanc: The Study of Wing Chun Principles. By Miguel Quijano. Issue #17, 2014.
Henry Araneda: In the Steps of the Grandmaster. By Kenton Sefcik. Issue #10, 2013.
Ip Chun: A Lifelong Devotion to Wing Chun. By Shaun Rawcliffe. Issue #21, 2014.
James Sinclair: A Tradition of Progress. By Mark Page. Issue #7, 2012.
John Little: The Return of the Little Dragon. By Eric Lilleør. Issue #11, 2013.
Michael Quijano: Living the Gung Fu Life. By Gregory E. LeBlanc. Issue #12, 2013.
Philipp Bayer: The European WSLVT Connection. By Dave van der Poel & David Peterson. Issue #19, 2014.
Robert Chu: Devoted to the Arts. By Kenton Sefcik. Issue #16, 2014.
Sam Lau: Setting Wing Chun Back on Track. By Wayne Belonoha. Issue #23, 2014.
Samuel Kwok: The Wing Chun Evangelist. By Stephen Dyde. Issue #3, 2011.
Sergio Iadarola: A Living Wing Chun Encyclopaedia. By Kenton Sefcik. Issue #13, 2013.
Sunny Tang: Reminiscing the Past. By Wayne Belonoha. Issue #15, 2013.
Victor Kan Wah Chit: The Man Who Would be King. By Alan Gibson. Issue #1, 2011.
Wan Kam Leung: Striving for Perfection. By Kleber Battaglia. Issue #14, 2013.
Wayne Belonoha: Sharing the Ways of Wing Chun. By James Woodcock. Issue #8, 2012.
Wong Nim Yi: Born to Wing Chun. By Jesper Lundqvist. Issue #20, 2014.

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