About Our School & Sifu

Lightning Hands Wing Chun School

Built upon thirty years of Wing Chun experience, our school flourishes in practicing the internal to improve the external. A unique internal approach to Wing Chun to increase your health, sharpen your mind, and strengthen abilities.

Internal exercises focus on postural muscle coordination skills. Traditionally, the internal exercises were taught to small groups due to the intrinsic details associated with the practice. The obvious result of internal training is better health and greater immune system protection that you can feel..

External exercises focus on phasic muscle skills. Traditionally, the external exercises were taught to large groups due to the callisthenic curriculum associated with the practice. The obvious result of external training is athletic muscle that you can see.

Sifu Charles Boness

Sifu Charles Boness was the pioneer representative for the World Wing Chun Kung Fu Association in Wisconsin. He attained instructor rank under William Cheung in 1991.

His training experience includes Shorin Ryu Karate,  Jeet Kune Do, Ryu Kyu Kenpo, certification in Medical Chi Gung and Tai Chi Chuan.

Four students have attained Wing Chun instructor ranking through his guidance.

He taught a course for credit on Wing Chun at the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee for seven years starting in 1998 consistently winning high approval ratings for excellence in his field.